Tesoros naturales bogota
tesoros naturales bogota

Electric motor or synchronous generator

Electric motor or synchronous generator is a rotating electrical machine

The electric motor or synchronous generator is an important rotating electrical machine that is used as a generator, it is able to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy, or as electric motor, it can also transform electrical energy into mechanical energy

The synchronous motor, which is an electric motor, has a speed that is synchronized as the frequency with which the electric motor is powered.

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The synchronous motor, which is also an electric motor is used to generate reactive power for correcting the power factor that is generated in other induction motors. For this reason, it is better to use synchronous motors to generate reactive power controllably driven by high power factor.

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Electric motor equipment protection

Electric motor can not be without the electrical components that promote equipment protection

Another very common problem in the electric motor occurs when the electric motor is without electrical components that protect the electric motor against overload. Ideally, the electric motor has installed circuit breakers, fuses and thermal relay.

The electric motor factory new bando can also present problems depends on where it is installed. That is because there are certain electric motor for each type of application and is therefore, to be applied the electric motor and this place is right where the electric motor will be installed.

It is important to do a sizing of protective equipment for the electric motor to be used, and also it is important to analyze the degree of protection of the electric motor and the point where it will be installed, as it has electric motor that works in places considered aggressive than are points where water or dust and no electric motor only operate in protected spots.

For losses to be avoided it is important that all the connection procedure is followed. Every time the electric motor is subjected to maintenance is essential that it be disconnected from electricity, as well as accidents can be avoided.

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Making electric motor home

To produce the homemade electric motor will need to search tutorials that teach you how to do step by step. Already we anticipate that it is not difficult and it is worth you make yours, especially if you need an engine to meet the basic processes, even why it is suitable for that.

Homemade electric motor will serve to make the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy, as well as other models serve. The only difference is that their performance is a bit lower, if only because it does not have all the specific parts to be able to offer something more powerful. It is worth researching to see if for what you need this motor will fit.


It is not expensive to produce this engine. With some accessories and even some you have at home is possible. Then do a test to know the performance of your engine made at home. Get one if really necessary. The important thing is to supply what you need, no matter the model.

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W22 line WEG prevents the industry

W22 line WEG prevents the industry to maintain a multitude of electric motor in stock to avoid problems

It is common for companies to do a mapping of processes and this results in identifying machines that are critical to make the industry does not stop operating for one reason or another.

The fact is that companies always keeps electric motor in its stock, because if an electric motor to stop operating the other is replaced quickly and so the industry will not stop operating.

Both resellers and distributors have in their electric motors stocks that have different configurations or are modified so that applications are met requested by customers.

The modification of the electric motor terminal box is a common way for that customer needs are met, however depending on the housing size is difficult to require the electric motor best prices for c111pc is completely disassembled.

To avoid this problem, the electric motor of the W22 line causes the modification of the terminal box position is simple and so is no need to keep a multitude of electric motor in stock.

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Fully enclosed electric motor is ideal for environments with aggressive agents

The presence of aggressive agents in the environment in which the electric motor has been installed can complicate your life and the result will be a drastic reduction of its useful life, as there are environmental aggressive agents involving the electric motor operation.

These elements tend to cause the electric motor suffers some damage or prevent the electric motor to work effectively.

To minimize the effects of these agents is necessary to make use of the degree of protection. In an electric motor that is completely closed, it is the ideal model to be used in places where the electric motor is exposed to the weather, dust, fumes and chemicals.

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The fully enclosed electric motor has a casing that prevents or minimizes these elements that damage the electric motor from reaching the inside. Moreover, the electric motor ventilation system has been design so that it does not allow particles of dust and fibers remain on substrate surface electric motor and thus impede the heat transfer.

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Meet the prototype testing that the electric motor is submitted

Electric motor assays receive classification by means of ISO 17094 and were divided into four groups that are routine, type, and special prototype. NBR 5383 is what defines the procedures to be followed for the tests with the electric motor em3550 3500rpm baldor.

The electric motor of the prototype test evaluates its electrical resistance, cold; empty in the test used to measure the current and the power that is absorbed with rated voltage; the test electric motor empty performs a survey of the current characteristic curves and power that is absorbed in voltage function regardless of the voltage is nominal or reduced; Electric motor test with locked rotor; test the secondary voltage in an electric motor that has wound rotor; Lifting test the electric motor temperature; assay for the electrical resistance, the hot and others.

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Advantages of Electric Motor Used

There are so many advantages of using the electric motor used it hard to score them all. But first of all it is interesting that people know that there are also disadvantages and it is necessary to make an analysis and a comprehensive approach on both sides of the coin for you to take a correct decision to make the purchase of the product that you were in need.


We can not fail to mention that the main. Related use of an electric motor used despair economy. This is because buying a used engine is much cheaper than buying a new engine, but you must take care that the cheap does not get expensive.

The advantages of the electric motor used are related to the economy, because it is cheaper than the used engine is much cheaper. If you can find a machine that is in perfect condition and very well maintained, it sure is a great option for you, so make a good analysis before making the purchase.

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Sewing machine, blender and vacuum cleaner are composed of a universal electric motor

In addition to the electric motor called a classic, there is also electric motor classified as special and it is built specifically to be used for precise control of position and speed that is determined in the process or not suited to situations that may be variable.

This electric motor can act quickly as compared with the conventional electric motor and the components of that particular electric motor is designed to withstand high currents at different times. This special electric motor can be universal, servomotors or stepper motor.

The universal electric motor sm405 works with two forms of current. Universal electric motor varies dc serial connection which is adapted to work in alternating current if required. The performance and construction of universal electric motor is very close to the DC motor. universal electric motor torque is low and is easily found in POE cleaners, blenders and sewing machines.

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